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Budgets, NAO Registration, Workshop Links and more (sent September 15, 2023)

2023–24 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Title II: Adult Education Family Literacy Act (AEFLA)

Dear Adult Education Administrators:

The Adult Education Office (AEO) would like to remind you we are here to provide support during budget preparation and as you address issues with the first year of the new grant cycle. We also provide many on-demand resources available to assist new administrators, staff, and grantees as they learn the ins and outs of this grant program. We encourage you to sign up for upcoming special events and review the resources available.

Here is some information regarding early deliverables in the program year, as well as a few links to resources and activities. In this message:

  • Grant Award Notifications and Hardcopies
  • Grant Budgets
  • New Administrator Orientation (NAO) Registration
  • Links for Required Training and Available Workshops
  • Update Agency Contacts
  • Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) Renewals
  • Review 2022–23 Deliverables and Final Expenditure Claim Reports

Grant Award Notifications and Hardcopies

We are still awaiting a handful of electronic Grant Award Notifications (GAN) and a few more wet signature hardcopies. We appreciate the quick response agencies had this year completing this requirement. The AEO is reviewing electronic submittals on a daily basis. As a reminder, AEO acceptance of an electronically submitted GAN is a requirement to access the budget module in the California Adult Education Online Application and Reporting Site (reporting site). If you have not already downloaded your GAN, please log into the reporting site for this information and a letter that explains the method used to calculate this year’s awards. Please direct GAN questions or extension requests to your AEO Fiscal Analyst.

Grant Budgets

Grant Budgets are due by Friday, September 15, 2023. This is an electronic only deliverable; a hardcopy is not required. If you are unable to meet this due date, please reach out to our office to request an extension. New grantees with questions about preparing a budget or entering the information in the online module will find helpful information and step by step guidance in the Resources document, WIOA Navigating the Grant Budget.

New Administrators Orientation (NAO) Registration

Registration is now open for new administrators and staff wishing to attend the 2023 New Administrators Orientation. NAO is intended for Adult Education Administrators, Principals, and other Supervisor level staff as well as new sub-grantees. The online event will be held across three days, October 3–5, 2023. Registration is only required once for all three dates. This direct link will open the registration page on the CA Professional Development calendar. Please use your business email address to register and fill out the “membership” form if directed.

Links for Required Trainings and Available Workshops

It’s not too early to sign up for required training classes due later this year. Reserve your spot in an upcoming class for either in person or online attendance today. Register online at California Adult Ed Training.

Update Agency Contacts

Update Agency Contacts within the reporting site for recent staff changes to ensure important emails and notifications, like this one, are being sent to the right individuals. Agency Contacts is the source used when sending email blast notifications, like this one, and the same source the AEO will use when preparing for the upcoming GAN Amendment.

Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) Renewals

More than 32 percent of grantees used the new Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) renewal tool, available from the Manage Account menu, to notify the AEO of updates in the past two weeks. We extend a big thank you for this action as it allowed us to review a large volume of renewals in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, an additional 30 percent of renewal dates in our system reflect as expired or will expire before the end of October. In the very near future, the AEO will not submit a payment request if the UEI renewal date in our system is not current. We encourage you to use the UEI renewal tool to check the date we have on file and submit an updated expiration date if the information is not current.

As a reminder, agencies should check with the point of contact within your agency for this information. In many K–12 school districts, a fiscal or administrative office will maintain this registration on behalf of the entire district. Please contact your AEO Fiscal Analyst with any questions.

Review 2022–23 Deliverables and Final Expenditure Claim Reports

Deliverables and Final Expenditure Claim Reports from Program Year 2022–23 are considered past due. Take action immediately if your agency has incomplete deliverables from the last grant cycle. Check the WIOA dashboard within the reporting site for the current status of deliverables and those that are coming up in the next 90 days. Overdue deliverables can cause an agency to fall out of good standing which impacts future funding and/or activities.

Recently, several WIOA dashboard updates were made for a status display error related to COAPP and AASC deliverables from Program Year 2022–23. If you previously reported an issue in this area which is still showing incorrectly, please reach out to your AEO Fiscal Analyst to let them know.

We look forward to hosting registrants of NAO in early October and providing the opportunity to meet with both our AEO office staff and our program partners virtually.

If you have any questions, please contact the AEO by email at


Carolyn Zachry, Ed.D.
Education Administrator and State Director
Adult Education Office
California Department of Education