2023–2027 WIOA, Title II: AEFLA - New Grantee Setup

Hello and welcome! The New Grantee Setup web page is for select agencies who recently progressed to the next portion of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Title II: Adult Education and Family Literacy Act funding process for the 2023–2027 grant cycle.

This page was created to assist the Adult Education Office (AEO) with obtaining preliminary information needed to create new grantees and individual users accounts in the web-based system known as the California Adult Education Online Application and Reporting Site (OAR). The OAR is a regularly used tool that assists grantees with monitoring deliverable status, submitting a grant budget, and quarterly claims. It also provides access to surveys, award notifications and payment information. It contains valuable resources including links to trainings, videos, webinars and tutorials.

Your responses will also provide the AEO with any current or expected changes to staffing that have occurred since the grant application was submitted. This information will further assist the AEO with providing technical support and resource access to ensure a successful start as a new grantee to the WIOA, Title II: AEFLA activities in California.

Please submit your response by June 14, 2023.

Section 1: Introductions and Contacting the Adult Education Office

The AEO is organized by regional assignments which pair an Educational Program Consultant and Fiscal Analyst to each of the 71 Adult Education Regional Consortia. Our office consists of 22 full time persons that support adult education statewide. In July, after making updates to staff assignments for the new grant cycle, updated staff directories will be made available. Save the Dates of October 3-5, 2023 as the AEO will host a New Administrator Orientation (NAO) for new grantees and administrators to discuss the ins and outs of this grant and provide you an opportunity to meet us virtually. NAO is also where you will become more familiar with our State Leadership Partners, their websites, staff and software.

The set-up process for new grantees in the reporting site entails several steps that will roll out over the next few months. At this time, the AEO is focused on collecting information about new users and setting up our communication channels. Current Email Announcements are posted on the right-hand column of the OAR’s login page without a user login and password. We also distribute information through regular networking meetings and on the California Department of Education main Adult Education website. You are encouraged to check out these web pages and to stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.

If you have already been in direct contact with a member of our office, please continue to respond directly to that staff person to address questions that may arise. General questions may be directed to our front office by email at AdultEducation@cde.ca.gov. The California Department of Education (CDE) recently rolled out a new telephone system which allows AEO staff to answer telephone calls while working remotely. We have been able to return to responding to real time calls individually and through our main office line at (916) 322-2175. However, email often remains the easiest way to reach many of our staff.

Section 2: Active UEI and SAM.gov Renewals

In accordance with the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA), sub-grantees are required to report compliance information to the CDE in order to receive funding. Recipients are required to register and actively maintain their Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) in the System for Award Management (SAM) at http://www.sam.gov. Failure to comply with 2 CFR Part 25.205, may result in the CDE determining that the applicant is not qualified to receive an award or may result in delayed payments. This is a reminder to review your SAM.gov information and ensure it is stays active.

In the future, we will gather updated information through the OAR and are working to created automated reminders for an expiring renewal date. Until that software module is available in the OAR, please send any UEI updates to us at AdultEducation@cde.ca.gov, or to your Fiscal Analyst if you have already been in contact with them.

Section 3: User Logins for the OAR

The OAR requires a user login and password to access agency level information and resources. This section will guide you through identifying staff who should become a system user and what user role to assign them. Your organization’s existing business structure and the approval levels currently required within your organization should be the model for setting up your agency users.

A minimum of two separate individuals within your organization for which a user login will be created is required at this time. One of these individuals will be provided permissions to manage user access within the OAR and add future users. Additional users came be requested now or entered at a future date by an agency user.

The following table identifies the user roles and responsibilities available.

Role Responsibility
OAR Admin
*At least one user must have this role.
A super user that will manage agency users within the OAR website. They are able to edit, approve and submit deliverables to CDE and are considered an authorized designee that has authority within the organization to make programmatic or fiscal decisions. Most likely this will be an Adult Education Administrator that oversees the WIOA program and is familiar with Course Approval activities.
*At least one user that is not the OAR Admin must be given this role.

Has access to edit, approve and submit deliverables to CDE such as the budget, expenditure claims or program plans like the Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP). Has authority within the organization to make programmatic or fiscal decisions and is considered an authorized designee that has authority within the organization to make programmatic or fiscal decisions for WIOA and/or Course Approval activities.

Users are most likely the Superintendent/Chief Executive Officer/College President; an Adult Education Administrator (Principal or Vice Principal); or a Fiscal Administrator.

Editor Has editorial access to all OAR content. Likely users are program, support or fiscal staff directly involved with WIOA and/or Course Approval activities to prepare deliverables for review/signature by another user within your organization.
Read Only Has read only access to all OAR content which may be needed by program, support or fiscal staff associated with WIOA and/or Course Approval activities.

Consider the individuals within your organization who will need to support this grant. They may prepare and approve the grant budget or expenditures claims, sign certifications and assurances, sign grant applications or similar document as part of their job function. Within community-based organizations or city/state government entities, staff may have shared job functions like a CEO/CFO. In a K-12 entity, these job functions may be distributed between different branches of the organization at the district or site level such as the Superintendent, Adult School Principal and Director of Fiscal Services. And in other situations, such as California’s largest K-12 districts and community colleges with multiple adult schools, the Adult Education Administrator might hold a written delegation of authority by the school board, governing board, or similar to perform an activity on behalf of their Superintendent, College President, or Chief Executive Office.

While these statements are just a few examples of how a business structure may be reflected in this exercise, the actual number persons that will support the administrative work of this grant for your organization are likely the same number of persons that should be given a login to this website. Note that the OAR User Role is separate from the Agency Contacts and those who receive direct email notifications.

In the table below, identify the specific individuals, and the corresponding user role, for staff that will need access to the OAR to support the WIOA and Course Approval activities of your organization. NOTE: A minimum of two separate persons are required at this time. Additional users may be added now, or by your OAR Admin in the future. Do not identify staff that are planning to retire, leave the agency, or change positions before June 30, 2023.

OAR Users List

Roles First Name Last Name Email
OAR Admin * (one required)
Approver * (one required)
A user cannot be created without a Role. If no Role is selected, that line in the table will not be saved. If you start entering an additional user by mistake, return the dropdown to “Select Role” to ignore that line in the table.

It is typical to have between 3 and 6 users. Consider listing at least one additional person as a backup user that can edit or approve submittals in the unexpected absence of another.

Section 4: Staff Changes

The AEO recognizes that most staff changes happen between March and July each year. If you are expecting staff changes in the following positions, please indicate which position and provide the name/title of the incoming person, if known.

Known staff changes:

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Section 5: Contact Information

In order to submit this page, we need to know what organization you are with. Please provide the Superintendent’s email address and PIN associated with your WIOA, Title II: AEFLA grant application.