Training and Videos

Federal Program Monitoring Program (FPM) Adult Education Office Program Instrument Training 2023‒24 (Part 1: Pre-recorded Video)

The California WIOA, Title II: AEFLA FPM Program Instrument Training provides participants with an understanding of the CDE’s Adult Education (AE) Program Instrument, a tool used to ensure agencies receiving WIOA Title II – AEFLA funds are in compliance with federal, and where applicable, state law. This training is designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of all ten items and evidence requests agencies will be expected to know and upload into the CDE Monitoring Tool (CMT) during federal program monitoring reviews in 2023–24. Participants are required to view this pre-recorded video before attending the live Question and Answer session (Part 2).

Key elements of this session include:

  • understanding compliance monitoring process
  • deep dive of the ten AE Program Instrument items
  • review of each evidence request that agencies are required to upload into the CDE Monitoring Tool (CMT)
  • understanding specific dates and timeframes of which agency staff should be aware
  • understanding findings and resolution process

Intended Audience: Administrators of the adult education program, staff who track and oversee data, and those who will be responsible for uploading fiscal information during the monitoring review should view the training. Only agencies selected for this year’s review (2023-24) can participate in this training.

Presenters: Dr. Carolyn Zachry, CDE Adult Education State Director, Abygail Medina Lewis and David Stang, CDE Education Program Consultants.

Note: CDE Monitoring Tool (CMT) training is a separate training, and will not be addressed during Adult Education Instrument training.